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If you are experiencing a tooth ache, you should contact our dental surgery immediately to make an appointment to see one of our dentists.

A tooth ache can be a sign that something is wrong and you need dental treatment urgently.

Putting off a visit to the dentist can be disastrous for your dental and medical health.

Teeth that are sensitive to hot, cold, or sweet food and drink, may need fillings.

In some cases more extensive treatment may be required such as root canal treatment or tooth extraction.

Our dentists will explain treatment options for you to consider, before proceeding with any treatment.

Things that the receptionist may ask you when you ring to make the appointment with the dentist include:

  • Is the tooth sensitive to hot/ and or/ cold?
  • For how long has the tooth been sensitive?
  • Do you have any swelling in or around the sore area?
  • Which tooth is sore?

If swelling is present, place a cold compress to the outside of the cheek (NOT HEAT). Take pain relief if necessary, using pain medicines that you know you are safe with. Remember pain relief tablets must be swallowed as directed. NOT placed directly on the tooth, as this can cause more trouble (especially aspirin).

Tooth Knocked Out

If the tooth is dirty, rinse it in milk holding the tooth by the crown (not roots).

If milk is not available, rinse the tooth with water for a few seconds, or have the patient suck it clean.

If possible, put the tooth back into the gum socket, and visit the dentist as soon as possible (within 30 minutes if possible).

If the tooth cannot be placed back into the gum socket, wrap it in Glad Wrap or place it in milk or in the patient’s mouth inside the cheek.

Time is critical for successful replanting of teeth so it is vital to see the dentists as soon as possible.

Broken Tooth

If caused by a blow, place a cold compress on the face next to the injured tooth to minimize swelling.

Try to find all the bits that are missing and bring them to the dentist, keeping them moist.

Some broken bits can be bonded back onto the teeth almost invisibly.

Go to the dentist as soon as practicable.

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