A dental check up stops small problems becoming big problems

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Regular dental check-ups are very important in maintaining the health of your teeth and gums.

They are also important in detecting any changes in your oral tissues, including the detection of some oral cancers and other soft tissue pathologies. In your examination or “check up” appointment, the dentist will examine your whole mouth, teeth and gums. You will be notified promptly of any further treatment you may require at this appointment.

Dental radiographs (X-ray), may be taken at this appointment.

Dental X-rays help the dentist detect any decay that is not visible to the naked eye, and can also show any nerve problems associated with the teeth. We use a modern digital x-ray machine which minimizes any possible radiation exposure. This machine also cuts out the need for harsh chemicals, which can be environmentally damaging.

Scale and Clean

A scale and cleaning of your teeth is usually done at this appointment also. Over time, you can build up calculus in your mouth on the outside of your teeth. This calculus can irritate the gums and cause major problems if left untreated too long, so it is important to have regular scale and cleaning of your teeth.

A fluoride and calcium gel treatment

A fluoride and calcium gel treatment is provided after your examination and scale and clean visit. Fluoride in controlled dosages helps strengthen your teeth, and combined with the calcium gel, can help with any sensitivity.

You should feel refreshed and ‘clean’ after your examination and scale and cleaning appointment.

Along with a healthy diet, correct brushing and flossing technique, and regular visits to the dentist, you are preparing your mouth and teeth for a long, healthy journey.

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